Outdoor Kennel For Your Sheltie?

If you have a dog and you wish for your dog to notice and be aware that the crate that you provide is a place for them where they can call their own, a bed where they can sleep, relax or just simply lie down. The kennel is used as a place for the dogs to find peace and quiet, especially when you trained your dogs to associate the kennel as their sleeping area and not a cage to be trapped in.

Not only that this kennel provides safety for the dogs but it can also bring a peace of mind as the owner. You see, there are times when you can’t keep an eye on your dog, more specifically a pup or a teenage doggy, because you are busy or you have something that you need to do. Having the crate will ensure the safety of your belongings and gives you enough time to do something important that requires you to leave your supervision.

Here are the things that you need to be aware of and to avoid when putting your dog inside a kennel or a crate.

  • Don’t force your dog when they are feeling afraid. Naturally, not all dogs love to be lock inside a kennel and at some point some of these dogs will develop fear of it. So, don’t force them if they are afraid or aggressive. Just simply slowly introduce them that the crate is nothing but a safe place for them to stay and to be entrapped inside.
  • To those owners whose dogs suffered separation anxiety. It is advised of you to not let them inside a kennel, not only it will worsen their condition but it won’t help alleviate their fear. It is better to take it slow.
  • Give the dog, especially a dog which separation anxiety, a bathroom break. It is wise enough to avoid making your dog feel uncomfortable and thus inducing their stress and anxiety level. Peeing inside their crate might worsen that so it is better to just take it slow be sure that the dog can freely leave the kennel to do their business or just estimate their bathroom break.
  • Don’t use the crate as a punishment, the purpose of the kennel is to bring safety and security.

These are the things for your avoid at all cost if you want your dog to get use to being inside the kennel. If your dog is feeling afraid, stressed, or simply angry don’t push it. Just do baby steps and don’t put too much pressure on your pet, let them go in their own pace but at the same time remind them of their training and that the kennel should not be associate with fear instead the kennel should be viewed a safe place to lie and relax. You can get your sheltie an outdoor dog kennel at http://bestdogcratesandbeds.com/product-reviews/best-outdoor-dog-kennel/.