Shetland Sheepdog – Its Physical Appearance

The appearance of a Shetland Sheepdog is similar to the miniature Collie. It has a thick and beautiful coat, agile body and a distinctive head. Also known as the Sheltie, their head is long with a wedge shape and its muzzle is well rounded and narrow. Their eyes almond-shaped, dark, alert but gentle. Merle or blue eyes are only seen in the blue merle dogs. Their ears are quite small, which is set high on their head and carried in a way almost erect. The long tail of the Sheltie reaches the hock. They should have a muscular body, but their weight is not heavy. The male Shelties appear masculine while the female Shelties appear very feminine. They have a coat that looks like the mane of a lion, which comes in colors like black, sable and blue merle. There are also varying amounts of tan and white markings.


Weight and Size
The mature Sheltie’s ideal height, no matter its gender is between 13 to 16 inches at their shoulder. Heights that are out of the range are already disqualifications of being a Sheltie. The average weight with a healthy Sheltie is at 18 pounds.

Color and Coat
All Shelties have a double coat consisting of a short and thick undercoat then a harsh topcoat, with the former pushing away from its body. The head is adorned with smooth hair, including the feet and ears. However, you can also see abundant extra thick hair at the frill and mane. The legs and tail are also covered well with thick, long hair.

This breed may be sable, blue merle or black. There are occasional brindle Shelties and those with over 50 percent white, which disqualifies them when engaged in the show ring. But keep in mind that these “faults” do not in any way affect the ability of the dog to be a full champion for a family.


The coat of the Shetland Sheepdog must be brushed at least once per week using a pin brush to take out its loose hair, prevent matting and undo the tangles. When you brush your Shelties, it is significant that you get all the way down to its skin. Make sure you use a spray bottle when you wait for their hair before you brush them. It will damage the hair of the coat if you work on it dry. When it comes to their shedding season, their coats need to be brushed every day.